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Which country should you choose to open your company?​

Choosing the right country in which to set up your business is crucial. It’s the first step in setting up a business. In fact, there are over a hundred countries with laws that are favorable to entrepreneurs, and that are likely to help you in your endeavors.

But how do you choose the right country? We’re here to advise and support you.

Andorra, the most advantageous tax system for entrepreneurs

Andorra is known for its low-tax policy. Companies and individuals alike benefit from an advantageous tax system. Taxes are calculated on profits. What’s more, there is no tax on dividends paid to shareholders. This means that corporate tax rates are very low indeed.



Setting up your head office in the best possible conditions

Taxation is an important factor in optimizing a business, but other parameters must also be taken into account.
Andorra enjoys an excellent geographical position between Spain and France. The Principality is not part of the European Union or the Schengen area.
In 2015, Andorra signed a double taxation agreement with France and a number of other countries (Spain, Portugal, etc.). The aim of this agreement is to avoid double taxation on the same income.

What type of company can I create?


Allows you to centralize the management of all your companies, to transfer all dividends to your company and to benefit from Andorran taxation (no need to live in the country).

Central purchasing

Allows you to centralize your purchases and sell worldwide, while benefiting from the country’s tax system (you don’t have to be resident in the country).


Perfect for doing business from Andorra (you don’t have to be resident there).
Allows you to start a business in Andorra legally.


The equivalent of an SCI in France, it allows you to manage your movable and immovable assets held anywhere in the world, and simplifies succession planning (with no obligation to reside in Andorra).

Our services for setting up your future company

Tax optimization

Thanks to our experience in Andorra, we can offer you the best solutions for lowering your company's tax burden.

Administrative support

La Gestoria takes care of all administrative formalities in Andorra, which are drawn up in Catalan.

Steps to setting up your company

It takes about 3 months to set up a business in the Principality:

  1. Application to set up a company
  2. Government approval
  3. Opening a business bank account
  4. Deposit of share capital (minimum €3,000)
  5. Signature at the notary’s office
  6. Obtain company register (KBIS equivalent)

Your questions about setting up a company

We use your feedback to answer your questions and meet your expectations.

Setting up a company can be more complex than it sounds. First, you need to decide which legal form to choose. Next, you need to have the company’s articles of association drawn up by a lawyer.

Our business center can help you with this.

It depends on a number of criteria to determine which country is the most advantageous for setting up a company.

From a fiscal and economic point of view, Andorra is the most attractive country in which to set up a company. It benefits from the lowest taxation in Europe and unprecedented economic stability.

Setting up a company can have a number of advantages, although these depend on the specific objectives and circumstances of each entrepreneur.

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