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Andorra is attracting many crypto-investors thanks to its low taxation of digital assets. Find out more about the advantages of owning these assets in the Principality.

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What taxation for cryptocurrency applies in Andorra?

The Principality of Andorra sees a promising future in cryptocurrencies and new technologies, particularly NFTs.

Crypto-assets are gaining increasing recognition in Andorra. Indeed, the principality has seen considerable potential in these digital financial securities.

Today you will be taxed at a maximum of 10% on your profits. If the net profit is less than €3,000, then no taxation is in force.

Andorra regularly takes steps in the direction of cryptos in order to be as attractive as possible to investors. An environment conducive to development is being put in place by the government, which is attracting more and more individuals and companies specialising in cryptocurrencies.
They have found stability and ease of operation in our principality.

An expert at our business centre will be able to answer your questions about the steps you need to take to benefit from Andorran taxation and secure your investments for the long term.

The only requirement for crypto in Andorra is to be able to trace your assets: justify the funds and keep a record of all transactions.

Why set up a company in Andorra if I own cryptocurrencies?

Setting up a company in Andorra will enable you to maximise your profits and benefit from the Andorran tax system:

Tax advantages

Andorra offers gentle taxation when it comes to digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. As an Andorran resident, you can invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and declare your profits in your income tax.

Tax benefits

Investing in cryptocurrencies in Andorra allows you to benefit from attractive tax advantages. The taxation of cryptocurrencies in Andorra is favourable, with a maximum of 10% on profits.

Professional support

You can benefit from the support of accounting firms specialising in cryptocurrency investment in Andorra. These professionals can help you optimise your investments and take advantage of tax benefits.

Trade and mining

Andorra also offers trading and mining opportunities related to cryptocurrencies. You can explore these opportunities to diversify your investments.

Portfolio diversification

Accessing the crypto market with bank investment funds

Why set up a company in Andorra if I own cryptocurrencies?

Setting up a company in Andorra will enable you to maximise your profits and benefit from the Andorran tax system:

  • 10% tax on gains
  • No tax on dividends
  • No administrative burden
  • No property wealth tax (IFI)
  • No restrictive taxation
  • No VAT
  • Employee contributions: 6.5
  • Employer’s contributions: 15.5
  • Little or no income tax
  • Bank secrecy
  • Company vehicles: no TVS, no carbon taxno carbon tax
    or ecological penalty
  • No driving licence points


Find out more about the tax benefits and tax system of cryptocurrencies

Is crypto-currency legal in Andorra?

Yes, crypto-currency is legal in Andorra. In 2019, Andorra adopted regulations that recognise and regulate the use of crypto-currencies and blockchain technologies in the country. These regulations aim to foster innovation while establishing frameworks to prevent illegal activities and guarantee the security of users.

How is crypto-currency taxed in Andorra?

In Andorra, lump-sum taxation on cryptocurrencies is taxed at the maximum income tax rate, i.e. 10%, after an allowance of €3,000.

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