Set up your holding company
in Andorra

Are you looking for a tax advantage for your company?

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    Pay 5% on your dividends instead of 30% flat tax

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    Avoid paying the 30% capital gains tax

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    Pass on to your children with a tax rate close to 0%.

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    Sole director of your company

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    holding company in andorra

    Optimize intelligently with a single tax system

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      No tax on dividends

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      No misuse of corporate assets

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      No tax on property wealth

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      Low corporate tax rate on profits (max. 10%)

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      No binding tax rules

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      No VAT

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      0% transmission between parent and child

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      Little or no income tax

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      Double taxation treaty between European countries and Andorra

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      Low employee and employer contributions (6.5% + 15.5%)

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      Banking secrecy

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      Company car: No TVS, fuel tax and ecological penalty

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      Driving licence without points

    Setting up a company gives you the opportunity to become an Andorran tax resident.

    Andorra is the place for you if :

    • You’re tired of paying too much tax.

    • You don’t agree with the way these taxes are used.

    • You want to use your money as you see fit.

    Our support will enable you to :

    • Benefit from legal tax advantages.

    • Take advantage of a booming economy.

    • Secure your assets and your family.

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    The experience of a team

    You’ll benefit from a team of French tax specialists and lawyers to support you from France and secure your operations.

    In Andorra, our multidisciplinary team will cover all your needs:

    • Business law and legal aid
    • Accounting & auditing
    • Financial investment & banking division
    • Real estate investment


    Your reference tax advisor coordinates the various parties involved in bringing your project to fruition in France and Andorra.

    We are committed to working with you for 24 months:

    • Creation of the Andorran structure
    • Franco-Andorran tax scheme
    • Administrative and legal formalities
    • Our entire team speaks Catalan, French, English and Spanish.


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    More than just administrative assistance, we’re your partner for success in Andorra.

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    How to set up a Holding company
    in Andorra

    Steps to setting up an Andorran company

    Step 1


    Evaluate your situation and goals with an advisor

    Step 2


    A meeting with your tax advisor and a summary of tax solutions tailored to your needs.

    Step 3


    Creation of the structure and administrative support in Andorra

    Step 4


    Legal formalities in France, if required

    Step 5


    Signature of your company's incorporation at an Andorran notary's office

    Step 6


    Opening your bank account in an Andorran bank and meeting your advisor

    Step 7


    Long-term follow-up and support to optimize your results.


    We will use your feedback to respond to your questions and expectations.

    What is a holding company?


    A holding company is a company whose principal activity is to hold interests in other companies, known as subsidiaries. In other words, it does not engage directly in a business activity, but owns and controls a group of companies.

    The different types of holding company


    There are several types of holding company, each with different characteristics and objectives.

    • A controlling holding company holds a majority stake in a subsidiary, giving it the power to control the company’s strategic decisions and policies.
    • The participation holding company, on the other hand, holds a minority stake in a subsidiary company, giving it a degree of participation in the company’s decisions, but without the power to control strategic decisions.
    • A portfolio holding company holds shares in several different companies, often for reasons of investment diversification.
    • The protection holding company is used to protect the parent company’s assets by holding them through a subsidiary.
    • The management holding company is used to centralize the management of subsidiary companies, to simplify administration and save time.
    • Finally, there is the real estate holding company, which owns buildings, land and premises for the benefit of subsidiaries or for leasing.

    Each of these types of holding company has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the company’s objectives and tax situation. Offshore residence is not a prerequisite.

    Which country should you choose to open your company?


    Choosing the right country in which to set up your business is crucial. It’s the first step in setting up a business. In fact, there are several countries with laws favorable to entrepreneurs that are likely to help you in your endeavors. Taxation is an important factor in optimizing a business, but other parameters must also be taken into account.
    Andorra enjoys an excellent geographical position between Spain and France. The Principality is not part of the European Union or the Schengen area.
    In 2015, Andorra signed a double taxation agreement with France and a number of other countries (Spain, Portugal, etc.). The aim of this agreement is to avoid paying tax twice on the same income.
    We invite you to contact one of our advisors for an initial study of the feasibility of your project in Andorra.

    Can I set up a holding company in Andorra as a French resident?


    Yes, it’s possible, it’s an offshore holding company. This allows people who don’t want to change their tax residence to benefit from Andorra’s advantageous tax system for their company.
    Setting up a company gives you the right to residency, but is not an obligation.
    What’s more, you are 100% director of your company from the outset.

    How do I register my company in Andorra?


    A company in Andorra must have a physical address. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Choose the type of company
    • Obtain authorization for foreign investment
      Find commercial premises or an office
    • Draw up the necessary documents: you’ll need to prepare and submit various legal documents, such as the company’s articles of association, name reservation, foreign investment application, etc.
    • Register with the authorities: you’ll need to register with the local authorities to register your company and obtain a tax identification number.
    • Open a bank account: you’ll need to open a bank account in Andorra for your company.
    • Finalize tax and administrative formalities: Once your company has been registered, you’ll need to comply with Andorra’s tax and administrative obligations. These may include filing tax returns, paying taxes and so on.

    It’s important to note that domiciling a company in Andorra can be a complex process, and requires a good understanding of local laws and regulations. We recommend that you contact our business center for all your set-up needs.

    Can I have just one mailbox?


    No, this is not possible. Andorra implements strict compliance and transparency standards for companies domiciled on its territory. This means that to establish your business in Andorra, you’ll need to have a physical location, such as an office or business premises.

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