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Our Gestoria la Peguera business center provides each of its customers with personalized service and answers on tax optimization. Our tax specialists will support you every step of the way, finding the best solutions to help you optimize your tax situation.

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What is tax optimization?

Tax optimization is part of a company’s management strategy, but it’s not an obligation.

In France, and in most countries around the world, companies are subject to numerous taxes and reporting obligations, depending on their tax and social security regime.
Deploying a tax optimization strategy makes it possible to reduce taxation by legally taking advantage of differences in tax law from one country to another.

However, it is essential to be accompanied by a tax professional.

Is my company affected?

Any company can consider this option. Since 2015, France and Andorra have signed non-double taxation agreements. All French nationals therefore have the opportunity to benefit from Andorran taxation in full legality.

In Andorra, taxation is not restrictive. For companies, there is no tax on dividends, and the maximum tax on profits is 10%.

For individuals, there is no wealth tax, no inheritance tax and income tax is between 0 and 10% maximum.

Andorra is a country that offers its residents a highly advantageous fiscal and financial framework, a social climate favorable to business start-ups and a resourceful entrepreneurial environment.

Tax leverage will enable you to drastically reduce your taxes and use your money as you see fit:
invest in your business, make investments, diversify or even give yourself a better quality of life.

Social security contributions and employer contributions are extremely low, and the Principality’s workforce is skilled and multilingual.

Since 2012, many French expatriates have settled in Andorra, making it easy to develop your network and your business.

For all these reasons, Andorra is a favorable and prosperous place to do business.

Why call on Gestoria?

Our firm specializes in Franco-Andorran tax optimization, company formation and expatriation to Andorra.

Concentrate on your business and let us optimize the taxation of your companies.

La Gestoria la Peguera will be with you for the long term, answering all your questions and guaranteeing you tailor-made assistance. Our personalized support gives you peace of mind during and, above all, after the completion of your project.
For over 24 months, we’ll be with you every step of the way, from tax, legal and administrative issues to day-to-day life and expatriation.

Frequently asked questions

We’ll use your feedback to answer any questions you may have about tax optimization.

Taxation is complex, and there are many rules to comply with. However, some well-informed or well-coached people manage to optimize their tax situation and secure their income by using tax planning strategies.

Yes, it’s a practice that consists of optimizing your tax burden by using legal means authorized by the States. It’s almost a duty for every company director!

Looking to optimize your tax situation? Here are a few tips.

The first step is to determine your optimization objectives and priorities.

Once this has been done, the optimization strategy must be put in place. It is then essential to find the right tax lawyer who will do everything in his or her power to achieve your objectives legally.

Our Gestoria la Peguera business center can help you do just that.

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