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The advantages of a passive residence

In Andorra
  • Double taxation treaty
  • No inheritance tax
  • No Impôt sur la Fortune
  • Fortune Tax (IFI)
  • Little or no income tax
  • Guaranteed banking secrecy for residents
  • Company vehicles: no TVS, no carbon tax and no ecological malus
  • Vehicle registration (cars, planes, boats, etc.)
  • Driving licence certification for an
  • Andorran driving licence without points
  • Possibility of opening management accounts
  • Possibility of investing in Andorra and acquiring property with no investment limit
  • Family reunification possible
  • The largest ski area in the Pyrenees (over 400 km of pistes)
    4 languages spoken: Catalan,
  • French, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Virtually no crime
  • Unemployment rate close to 0%.
  • Social security ranked first out of 185 countries (including France)
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In Europe

One of the best Internet connection speeds

More than 90% of homes are equipped with fibre optics. This means Andorran residents can enjoy a stable internet connection with speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s, the best in Europe. Maximum speed and minimum latency guarantee efficient remote working.

Low prices

Buying a top-of-the-range vehicle

Unlike in France, buying a company car in the Principality of Andorra has undeniable advantages. You can buy new, top-of-the-range vehicles while benefiting from Andorran advantages:

  • Insurance policies are on average 50% cheaper than in France;
  • The price of a vehicle registration document is between €150 and €250 (depending on the number of horsepower);
  • Andorran driving licences do not carry any points;
  • There is no VAT, carbon tax or environmental penalty.
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What is international projection?

Passive residences with international activity are ideal for professionals working remotely on an international level. Examples of this type of residence include top sportspeople, youtubers, influencers and lawyers.

Unlike active residence, which requires a presence on Andorran territory of 183 days, passive residence only requires 90 days per year.

Eligibility conditions for passive residences

You must meet certain conditions for your application to be validated by the Andorran Ministry of the Interior:

  • The company’s registered office must be located in Andorra;
  • At least 85% of income must be generated outside Andorra;
  • Contract for the purchase or rental of property in Andorra;
  • Provide clear proof of scientific, cultural or sporting activity and distinctions;
  • Pay a deposit of €50,000 (+ an additional €10,000 per dependant, including spouse) to the Andorran
  • Financial Authority (AFA);
  • Demonstrate financial security by proving an income in excess of 300% of the Andorran minimum wage;
  • Have a private health insurance policy (relatively cheaper in Andorra);
  • Provide proof of health, pension and disability insurance;
  • Pass a medical examination in Andorra. The certificate is issued by the Andorran immigration department;
  • Have a clean criminal record;
  • Have a valid passport.
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We will use your feedback to respond to your questions and expectations.

Who is eligible for international projection in Andorra?

International projection in Andorra allows foreign professionals (top sportsmen and women, youtubers, models, scientists, etc.) to establish themselves in Andorra while offering their services internationally. It is important that each applicant provides solid evidence of their activity and the distinctions they have achieved in their field in order to be eligible for international projection. These criteria make it possible to encourage the development of international careers while contributing to the projection of Andorra on the world stage.

It is also known as passive residence with international projection.

What are the criteria and conditions for international projection?

In addition to the fact that the candidate must meet the requirements of public renown, professional recognition and a significant contribution to his or her field of activity. A number of other criteria must also be met:

  1. The professional must have his main residence in the country, which must be for at least 90 days a year.
  2. The professional must carry on his activity from the country, either individually or in collaboration with someone else. However, only the principal person may provide the service.
  3. Maximum of one person employed under the scheme
  4. The services provided or the activity carried out by the professional must not be exclusively intended for Andorra. At least 85% of these services must be for non-residents, which qualifies the professional as an international projection professional. This means that only 15% of your activity can be concentrated in Andorra.
  5. Demonstrate sufficient economic capacity to live in the Principality for more than 300% of the Andorran minimum wage, plus 100% of this rate for each dependant.
  6. Have a tenancy in Andorra, which can be proved by a document or by the purchase of a property.
  7. Pay a deposit of 50,000 euros to the AFA (Andorran Financial Authority).
  8. For each dependant, you will have to pay an additional deposit of 15,000 euros.
  9. Demonstrate a clean criminal record
    Pass a medical examination

Why not choose international projection in Andorra?

International projection may be limited depending on the applicant’s life plans. It is important to discuss your requirements with one of our tax consultants to ensure that you are not locked into a particular status.

International projection is a recent development in Andorra, where the Andorran authorities have the final say on whether an application is accepted.

International projection is a good way of entering Andorra, but it will need to be adjusted over time. It may be easier to choose another status that offers more flexibility.

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