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Buying company cars in the Principality

When you set up your company in Andorra (without necessarily being resident in the country), you gain access to a host of advantages. The first concerns the purchase of vehicles by your company. There is no such thing as a company vehicle in Andorra, so your company can buy any type of vehicle (car, motorbike, boat).

You’ll be able to buy top-of-the-range vehicles without VAT or carbon tax, and with a yellow card (equivalent to a vehicle registration document) and registration for between €150 and €250, regardless of tax rating.

The advantages of a vehicle in Andorra :

  • Buying a vehicle without VAT
  • No TVS (Company Vehicle Tax)
  • No carbon tax or ecological penalty
  • No regional tax
  • No road tax
  • No additional tax
  • Lowest insurance in Europe
  • Vehicle registration between €150 and €250
  • Registration time in Andorra: 5 days
  • Driving licence without points

Insurance must be taken out in the Principality of Andorra, and rates are the lowest in Europe.

France VS Andorre

Comparison of buying a new car


For a vehicle emitting 281 g/km

Vehicle price excluding VAT: 100,000€

French VAT (20%): 20,000€

Carbon tax or ecological penalty: 50,000€

Price in France : 170 000€ inc.


For a vehicle emitting 281 g/km

Vehicle price excluding VAT: 100,000€


No carbon tax or ecological penalty

Price in Andorra : 100 000€ inc.

On a new vehicle costing €170,000 including tax in France, you will save around €70,000. The purchase must be made by an Andorran company of which you are a director (but not necessarily a resident).

Import a vehicle

In Andorra

You can import your vehicles to get the one of your choice.

Gestoria la Peguera will take care of all the formalities involved in importing your car:

  • Customs clearance
  • Technical inspection
  • Insurance
  • Registration

Personalised plates are possible in Andorra.


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Can I buy cars in Andorra and then sell them in France?

Yes, this is possible, but not necessarily advantageous.

When you buy a car in Andorra, it will generally be registered with Andorran number plates. To export your vehicle for resale in France, you will need to complete the import formalities. These procedures involve paying taxes (VAT, customs duties, carbon tax, etc.). Once these taxes have been paid, the car will have to pass a technical inspection and be registered with French number plates before it can legally be driven on French roads.

Can I drive in Europe with a car registered in Andorra?

Yes. However, depending on your status (resident or not in Andorra) there are some special features.

How does Andorran insurance abroad work?

Most Andorran insurance companies insure your vehicle in Andorra and throughout Europe. The cover and services offered are exactly the same, whatever the country. Claims handling abroad is also included in the offers.

What is the price difference between French and Andorran insurance?

In most cases, there can be a price difference of 50%. However, depending on the model of car and the type of insurance (comprehensive/third party), this percentage may be lower.

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